The Robot Cameraman

I am an emerging cinematographer who is a steadicam owner/operator.

This is my sizzle reel. I’ve been working hard and have had very little time to update here. Please enjoy!!

This is a music video I worked on for a local Nj singer/songwriter. I did all steadicam work and there are a few stable shots that you will see from me. I used my Steadicam Zephyr and a Panasonic HPX-300. Enjoy!!

So this is the first flight with my my Steadicam Zephyr and a Panasonic HPX 300. Zephyr meaning a light wind is exactly how this steadicam preformed. While the rig weighed a decent amount it flew through the air as if it were nothing. The first few shots are not as stable as I’d like due to space constraints and there is a shot that was not white balanced unfortunately bringing down the quality of the video. Overall though for a first flight I’m incredibly happy and cannot wait to post more of my work

Steadicam Operators Association

I am signed up for the Steadicam Operators Association’s class in October! This should be an amazing experience and I’m incredibly excited for it. I will not be available from the 7th to 12th of October. YES!

June 24th BOOKED

I have been book for June 24th. It is for this reason that that date is now unavailable. For any and all other dates please contact me via email at Thank you very much and hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day weekend

Ready for Rental

My services as a steadicam operator are now available to the public. Please email or call for pricing. I’m going to take jobs on a “first come - first served” basis for now. 

Contact for Rates

Contact for Rates